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WPL Outsourcing is a Leading provider of Human Resources solutions in Nigeria. Our prowess lies not just in providing a qualitative workforce but also in developing and implementing customized options for Human Resource challenges for clients.

In WPL Outsourcing we believe in the right of our clients to harness the possibilities inherent in a service that enables them focus on their core competence while we manage the intricacies surrounding their personnel management.

Our Services

While there are many excellent resources available today to enhance recruitment, the time, effort, and training that is required to implement and maintain such tools can be taxing. What if all of those processes were still in place, but they were handled by experts? That’s where RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING is truly a value-add for any company. This Knowledge brief explores specifically what an RPO provider can do for your business and your employees.

Our HR Outsourcing Service covers Recruitment, Secondment of personnel from junior to senior level managers, professionals and specialists to client organizations on a short or long term basis. & Deployment of Staff, Training and Human Resource Solutions as well as Business Solutions which we tailor to meet specific organizational needs. With each assignment, we undertake to become fully conversant with the needs of the organization, based on either specific position requirements or particular person specifications identified.

We deploy our skills and expertise in HR activities and initiatives to help organizations increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and without increasing their head count also it enables client companies achieve real competitive advantages.

WPL outsourcing services in Nigeria touch every industry and business process. We transform our clients’ operations, making them smarter, faster and cheaper, while working with visionary organizations to define innovations in strategic outsourcing in Nigeria.

As our customer, we will bring the best talent into your organization, manage it and make it grow, so that your company can achieve better performance and profitability.

We offer a satisfactory range of HR Outsourcing Services in Nigeria

Whether it is maintaining records, reviewing employees, implementing procedures, managing performance, retaining employees or building employee morale, you can get access to all such human resource management services.

We are confident to provide the skills, methodology and experience necessary to meet your requirements. There is no doubt that our recruitment process outsourcing service in Nigeria will improve your company’s time to hire increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost Our interviewing, background checking, reference checking as well as integrity tests techniques along with our objective assessment process provide us with the basis for minimizing many of the risks inherent in selection.

These are some of the human capital outsource roles we manage presently includes but not limited to the following:

  • Customer Paying Cashiers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Administrative Officers
  • Security Guards
  • Secretarial Officers
  • Drivers
  • Payroll admin
  • Marketing officer
  • Account officer
  • IT and Technical Personnel
  • HR admin
  • Staff Appraisal
  • Dispatch Rider
  • Guest Relations Officers
  • Call Centre Executives
  • Office Assistants and Cleaners

Overseeing organizational structure and staffing requirements, Recruiting, training, and development

Tracking department objectives, goals, and strategies

Business development activities, mystery shopping programs and HR & related functions.

  • Outsourced research services
  • Verification Services
  • Training & Learning
  • Surveys & Exit Interviews

Capacity development

We develop customized training programs on Soft skills, such as Customer Relations Management, Sales and Marketing, Communication Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Time Management, among other.

Management Performance

  1. We believe that work gets done if it is measured and assessed. And, in order to ensure that our client organizations get value from work that is being done, we assist our clients to develop performance setting & measurements systems.
  2. The framework or system usually covers Target Settings, Performance Appraisal & Evaluation, Staff Appraisal and Designing Incentive Scheme.
  3. We tie together all the above in the framework in line with the expectations of our clients and global best practice.

Policy development.

We develop HR and related policies for our client organizations. They may include HR Policy Document, Staff Handbook, Job Descriptions (JDs), Corporate Governance Document, Health & Safety Environment (HSE) Policy Document, Operational Manual, among others.

WPL offers outsourcing services whereby organisations of any size contract us to provide services that would otherwise be carried out by permanent employees.

WPL outsourcing services allows companies to provide this work through us for considerably less money and fewer overhead expenses. Quite simply, outsourcing can both reduce your costs and improve your business efficiency.

If you feel that your organisation might benefit by outsourcing, please contact us for a professional, confidential and obligation-free discussion. We should be pleased to take a look at your processes and advise if outsourcing might be of benefit, or not.