But a legitimate concern we did abstain.

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In: Company> The unions educator Proletarian Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers review May 1937 “Congress, who discussed the matter would probably issued a vow, perhaps sketched guidelines. But a legitimate concern we did abstain. We feared that ill-intentioned people take this opportunity to argue that we immiscons we in the labor movement, we noyautons the S.N. in favor of some sort of political or trade union affiliation. We will be more comfortable for us then explain in this page; Whether we like it or not, our movement is now party to disclose more and more of our technology; the consequence of this disclosure is the need where we are positioned to expand our movement against our will to meet the educational needs of those who join us. We stop – we stopped – to be a small group of experimenters to become a great educational movement, the only educational movement in France, whose action on the evolution of the public school is and will be considerable. It has often compared this movement to movement Decroly in Belgium, the new Plan of Belgian Studies is largely the glorious culmination. If we lack maybe, for now, some scientific experimentation opportunities that have largely served Dr. Decroly, we by cons in our group, a dynamism that would look in vain for the other french or foreign trials. For the first time in France and maybe in the world (except USSR), it is no longer exclusively a personality that launches a movement; they are no longer small groups of officials or leaders who direct or exploit it. These are the educators themselves who take charge, with a conscience and a touching enthusiasm, the rehabilitation to the current needs of their schools and their pedagogy. We can not betray his hopes, repress these impulses. On the contrary, by the active collaboration of hundreds of comrades, we will more practically and effectively than ever embody more and more to what will be popular teaching tomorrow. This action is seen, develops parallel to the trade union movement also wants to and should live and develop by the incessant action of the broad masses of educators. It would even be normal and desirable that in the absence of integration of our action in the union movement, there is ongoing cooperation between our Cooperative and the National Union. This is natural, desirable. We do not sketch by calculation, but because we believe it to be a historical necessity of the conjunction of forces should be unified. We can much for the union movement by providing educators, especially young people, the taste of pedagogical action, the taste of the professional job well done, again and essential cement of teachers unions. The Union would also help us because it can alone give us the permanent possibility to get in touch with the masses of educators we need to touch. This collaboration, this parallel work, merged, are needed. We wish, we prepare them faithfully, without any ulterior motive. And no gesture in the past nor in the present should leave no suspicion whatsoever in the minds of comrades, no one can say that we have not offered, comradely, on all occasions, a few trends have asked the – our educational cooperation absolutely disinterested. We have not always understood us. Those who have always done their task in disgust, to gain – or to touch their months pending retirement, did not understand that we offer educators another goal and another dignity. Then they saw in the proselytizing of our members as a threat which they measured exactly or intentions, or goals, but they wanted to guard. The era of this misunderstanding is not closed. We hope at least that, after this short explanation, union officials loyally accept as we offer our ongoing collaboration. There are also precedents can not be ignored: in some departments comrades printers are responsible for the educational committee of the Union; wherever conferences and exhibitions were organized by our group – with or without my participation – it is the Union which has accepted responsibility; the Alpes-sponsored Section Ms finally officially our Congress in Nice. We need this ongoing collaboration is spreading. In all departments, our members, who are usually the most active pedagogically educators must enter the teaching commissions of the Union, even take full responsibility if possible, write the educational part of the newsletter, take the initiative protests teaching. For their sincere action and total in unions, they indirectly but will ensure the most effective and most desirable this collaboration we have recognized essential. We will do better then: the great questions which the current forces us to put in the agenda, the New Studies such plan, that of Studies Certificate, must be put under review by our comrades in trade unions; our questionnaires, our call to be broadcast in the union press. The problems that deserve the same will be submitted for consideration of the national Congress. If it is well accepted that we can not be suspected of any infiltration, which we aim the achievement, by the indispensable support of union forces, educational claims of ever larger groups of educators; if one believes in trade union circles, that this action – under the permanent control of the unions for that matter – can not serve as trade union action itself, take all measures to the maximum effectiveness of our joint action. Congress appointed comrades and responsible Committees of some of our main activities. Practice the same on the educational-management we do homework

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